Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Cookies Galore

Almost done with all of my holiday cookie baking. Ginger Molasses cookies, gingerbread boys, old fashioned sour cream (like sugar cookies, only softer) and snickerdoodles. We've done gingerbread houses too--David was high on sugar after we decorated his. Guess I should have remembered that he'd want to eat more frosting and candy than what he was going to put on his house. :-) Tomorrow, I have to bake the snickerdoodles. I would do it this evening; however, I didn't realize how late it was until right now. Don't think that starting those at 11:05 p.m. EST would be the best idea when I have to get to church fairly early tomorrow.

This week has been interesting. Rob finished class last week, so he's been around almost all the time this week. I love having him around, but it's definitely a new experience for all of us. Something we all have to start getting used to. One thing we've found out, however, is that our days need to be more structured. Something I've known for awhile, just glad that the entire family is on the same page about it now. Totally looking forward to our trip to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend. We leave Sunday morning--yahoo!!!!!

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