Saturday, December 24, 2005

First Christmas Photo Shoot.

Yesterday I did my first Christmas photo shoot of the boys. Definitely an interesting experience to say the least. My backdrop kept coming off the wall when the boys would start playing rough on it and Aidan wouldn't keep the hat on his head. :-( I ended up getting a few really cute ones of David (this particular photo is one of my favorites). Unfortunately, I have to try to do another session with Aidan today because I wasn't very happy with the lighting and expression on his photos. Maybe I'll even be able to get a few pictures taken of both boys together too since they weren't that cooperative about it yesterday.

I can hardly believe that today is Christmas Eve. The rib roast is sitting on the counter warming up to room temperature. David and I watched an episode on the Food Network where the host was making prime rib, so I decided that I'd try her recipe this year. (yes, my almost 4-year-old likes watching cooking shows with his mama, then helps me out tons in the kitchen) We started a tradition of having prime rib on Christmas Eve a few years ago, and I have used a different recipe every year. If I don't like how this one turns out, I may go back to the recipe I used last year for when I make prime rib in the future.

David woke up this morning stoked that today is Christmas Eve! He has probably asked Rob or myself at least 10 times if Santa is coming today. Yeah...gotta love the excitement. This holiday has truly become magical for that boy. When he hasn't been asking me if today is the day he gets to open presents and when he gets to open them, he and Aidan have been playing with their wooden Thomas and Friends train set. David got many of the pieces for his 2nd birthday, with small additions here and there--we just got the mine quarry tunnel, the gold cars and a caboose with their Christmas money from their Papa Don and Gramma Debbie Crossler. Yeah...those definitely were a hit around here. We decided to give those items to the boys yesterday morning, and they have already provided them with hours of entertainment. Aidan likes to put the train cars down the tunnel one at a time. David likes to build really long tracks on the living room floor so his train has a place to go after it gets through the tunnel. Unfortunately, the caboose is the "favorite" car right now, and there is only one of them. Guess that this is a really good practical lesson in sharing--even if lots of screaming, pushing, crying, etc. happens in the process.

Rob and David are at the grocery store (poor Rob, this is the 4th time he has run to Kroger today for one thing or another since I wasn't awake enough to dictate what I needed for dinner tonight when he first went this morning, but he had to go shopping for the coffee bar at church this morning too--we just need to work on planning our trips better). They are going to the local toy store to play for awhile too since Aidan is down for his nap. This way I can clean up downstairs. So...for productivity's sake, I should get going. I'll write more and post more pictures of our festivities later.

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