Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmastime is here.

Lots of holiday cheer to go around. The boys had so much fun opening presents last night. Aidan and David opened their joint presents and seemed a little bit excited over what they got (especially the Polar Express engine--too bad that is the one particular toy that came broken that we have to exchange in the next few days). Aidan loved his Little People farm and the nativity scene that they both got. David saw the diaper box that his present from Aidan was wrapped in and he laughed saying, "Brother got me diapers?!?!" Rob helped him actually open the box to see what treasure was hidden inside, and the look on that boy's face was of pure bliss. He got a vintage Star Wars Millenium Falcon. Yeah, that boy was stoked! He got a bunch of Star Wars action figures from us and a couple of Star Wars books. Star Wars for David all around. Can you say boy heaven?

I took all of Aidan's present items out of their respective boxes and assembled them where needed. Didn't realize that I'd have to assemble Fisher Price Little People things (namely the barn). Ended up being more difficult than expected, with a 19-month-old trying to play with it while his mama was putting it together. :)

We left bright and early for church this morning (well, 8 is bright and early for me since I had a bit of a difficult time trying to fall asleep last night). The boys went in their jammies--fit in with quite a few people who were there in their jammies as well. :) Rob started making coffee at the espresso bar when we got there, then I took over so he could eat breakfast. I couldn't find my glasses this morning, so I was walking fairly blind. I think Pastor Kim got a kick out of it when I'd have to find her (I knew what she was wearing, so I could at least find her easily) so she could point out where my kids or hubby were. Found those elusive glasses after church though. They were in our suitcase from our Williamsburg trip last weekend. We had a big pancake and ham breakfast at church this morning, then sat around our big round tables to sing Christmas carols and listen to Nick's sermon: Wise Men Still Seek Him. So wonderful being surrounded by our church family to celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Truly felt like we were among family. Totally cool. Awesome.

I need to grab David so we can start making the birthday cake for Jesus. We're going to have a mini-party here this afternoon! Merry Christmas!

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