Sunday, December 04, 2005

Love at 3?

The funniest thing happened this afternoon at our house. Our pastor's youngest daughter, Victoria, was over playing with David for the afternoon. After popcorn was made for a snack, they sat down on the floor in front of the TV watching The Polar Express when out of the blue David says, "Victoria (pause) I love you." Rob and I just about died with laughter (although we did make sure to keep our peels of laughter silent so we wouldn't make either child self-conscious). Truthfully, I think this little expression of emotion took its recipient a little off guard. She had to think for a little while before replying, quietly, "I love you too." Then, David went on telling Victoria that he liked her pants, and that her shirt looked really nice, and so on and so forth. Have NO idea where he comes up with this stuff. It was precious though. Something I'm going to carry with me for a very long time.

On another note. I've been in the creative flow for the last couple of days. Actually have almost 2 full scrapbook layouts complete. Amazing for me. I still have ones of Aidan that I started last year and have yet to journal. It feels so good letting this side of me come out again. The process of creating the pages is very laborious for me--looking over various design elements and color combinations in other people's layouts, and then having to actually choose what pictures I'm going to use--yikes! I wanted to scan in and submit the Trick-or-Treat layout I did of the boys yesterday, but seeing how I'm a bit technically challenged, I think I'll have Rob try to figure out how to scan in the pages, stitch them together, then he can walk me through the process.

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becky said...

Good for you making time to be creative! Very important! What a cute David story, too! Love it!