Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's looking (and feeling) like Christmas around here.

My tree. My glass hurricane filled with gold colored ball-ornaments. David wearing the Santa hat that we bought the Christmas right before we got married. Every decoration I put out for Christmas carries with it some sort of story. When I take ornaments out of their boxes, I smile and remember Christmases past...when the ornament was received. What happened that year. Some of the ornaments on my tree are ones my mom made when I was in elementary school, some are ones I received when I was in my single-digit years. The big cross stitch ones I labored over the winter I was pregnant with David, my hands going numb while working on each one. There are ornaments that Rob had since he was a child. Ones that his Grandma Dorothy gave to us. Yet, other ornaments symbolize our Christmases and years together. One tradition we have is that everyone gets a new ornament on Christmas Day in his or her stocking. Rob typically always gets some sort of a Santa-themed one, the boys get one that symbolizes an interest of theirs that particular year, or a character trait. Mine are definitely a bit more obscure. :-)

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. A time to remember Christ's coming to earth as a baby, having set aside his glory in heaven for a time to live as one of us. A time to reflect on the hope that his birth brought and still brings for all of us. A time to reflect on his death and resurrection and atonement for our sin. A time to remember the gift of eternal life that we have because of his sacrifice for us. Yeah, I find that I often get wrapped up in the business of the holiday season, but now that I have young children, it is so comforting to be able to read the Christmas stories. To be sharing memories together. To teach them what the true meaning of this holiday really is. Creating new traditions as a family. Celebrating some of the old. Yet, always trying to keep in perspective the true meaning of the season--Jesus.

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