Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Day of the Laundry...

Hopefully not coming to a home near you. Yesterday ended up being quite interesting to say the least. David woke up in my bed and puked on me and my sheets. NOT fun. :-( I felt so bad for him yesterday because you could totally tell that he wasn't feeling well. He didn't hold anything down in the morning, and in the afternoon he started getting color back into his face, etc. so we thought that maybe the bug had passed. Plus, he got his appetite back, so we had let him eat a few things that we didn't think would be too bad on his system. Yeah, right. We fell asleep together in his bed. I woke up and came to my own room to sleep and he woke up and came to lay down in my bed with me within an hour. Then...he vominated (that's his word for it) ALL OVER my bed!!! So, we ended up washing both sets of our sheets yesterday, and I had to wash the duvet cover, our duvet and I'll get the mattress pad in today. Ugh. So glad that he's doing so much better today. The only plus of him getting sick is that he's my ultra-cuddle bug. Have to take those cuddles when I can get them. :-)

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